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2425 Main Street

Vancouver, WA 98660

PH: 971-678-8593

open by appointment  


Revive Designs and offers unmatched craftsmanship, creative flair and attention to detail while transforming beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture and designs. We specialize in heirloom furniture, including vintage re-upholstery, mid-century antiques and commercial design. By working closely with individuals, homeowners, curators, and designers we can bring your ideas or furniture projects to life. 


Whether it’s a family heirloom, a fresh find, or something you’ve only been dreaming of, Revive Designs and Upholstery will make your vision a reality. Our passion is up-cyling furniture and creating unique and timeless pieces that will turn heads. 


Come visit our workshop to browse previously restored pieces or contact us by phone or email to start the process of turning your ideas and projects into works of art.

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